How to Properly Use A Jade Roller For Anti Aging

Using a Jade Roller for Anti Aging – Techniques

Jade Rollers – The fountain of youth?

We’ve all heard of a Jade Roller by now, but few of us actually know just how useful these things really are! I’ve been using my Jade Roller for nearly two years now, and the difference is actually amazing, I look much younger just from the loss of bags around my eyes, and coupled with my favorite moisturizer I actually feel confident enough to go out again.

Jade Rolling For Anti aging and wrinkles

I get a lot of messages about Jade Rollers and questions regarding the fundamentals of how they work and I figured I would take the time to explain to you readers exactly how and why the Jade Roller became one of the most popularly used beauty products of not only this century, but centuries prior in China and Rome.

Jade Rollers work under the principle that puffy eyes and puffy skin are a direct result of either tissue damage or a build up of fluids in your Lymphatic system. This system is responsible for draining and carrying all food and waste to and from your cells. When you sleep on your side, you can sometimes prevent the proper drainage of these cells and when you awake you’ll notice you have very puffy and swollen areas under your eyes.

The idea for anti-ageing with these Jade Rollers is that with regular usage you can promote proper drainage and flow of these fluids, keeping your face and other skin clear. This work well for your feet and neck as well, using the same process of moving the Jade Roller outwards towards the area you wish the swelling to be spread out on.

Tips for using a Jade Roller to help reduce swelling and keep your skin looking young

Below i’ve made a list for you gentle readers with tips and tricks for using a Jade Roller with maximum success. Following these tips and doing your own research on this topic you can learn how to effectively use a Jade Roller to it’s fullest, keeping your skin clear and yourself looking young.

Keep the Jade Roller in a COLD environment until needed for use.

Keeping the Jade Roller in a cold environment will allow it to glide across your skin easier, and will help snap your pores shut trapping the much needed lotion into your skin.  This is how we use Jade rolling anti aging

Purchase quality Jade Rollers, and ensure you have different sizes on hand.

You’ll never know exactly where your skin might start to act up, having multiple Jade Rollers of different sizes allows you to pick and choose the best tool for the job, wider ones for your neck, smaller ones for under your eyes, very long ones for your feet, etc.

Remember to STERILIZE your Jade Roller.

Another key tip is to take apart your Jade Roller after each use and ensure it gets a proper washing. This allows the Jade Roller to not retain any bacteria or promote any growth, as the cold and damp environment of your freezer is ideal for bacteria growth.

Use good quality cream & wash your face BEFORE and AFTER

Remember, you’re only as good as your cream! Make sure you don’t skimp out, and ensure your face is washed both prior and after Jade Rolling. The idea is to massage fluid and trap lotion in your skin, if you’re face is dirty you’ll also trap dirt!

Remember, the key to using a Jade Roller properly is to roll OUTWARDS from the area of swelling.