Finding the Best Online Personal Trainer

Find the Best online Personal Trainer on Budget

You can pretty much walk into any gym today and find a personal trainer.  Finding the best online personal trainer is kind of new to people though and so many individuals are looking to the internet for assistance with working out.  The question is though what is online personal training and is it as safe and or effective as meeting 1 on 1 with a trainer.

I think that the largest advantages are that it is flexible and affordable,” says Joshua Zitting who runs his own online personal training fitness site and author of multiple best fitness books.  “ It gives my clients the ability to work around their schedule and busy life and still complete the routines.  The other advantage is  clients can complete workouts  from home  or in a gym.  Not to mention its a fraction of the cost for my online clients than my one on one clients.  Typically the cost of one session 1on1 with me is the cost of a whole month of training online.”

The main thing lacking with online personal fitness trainer is that personal contact.  When looking for the best online personal trainer you need to ask. Are you able to check – form, help injury prevention, give motivation, if you are not physically there?  Fitness Trainer Joshua Zitting , and author of How to Build Muscle Fast: The No BS Guide, says it does take more effort on my part to make sure each of my clients are getting what is needed but it’s so worth it when I see their results!”

“ At, each client is given the 8 week shred program.  Each routine comes with personal training videos that explain every workout in detail pushed to the clients smartphone daily.  Plus they get access to our private facebook community that allows them to interact with other and ask me questions 24/7.

best online personal trainer and fitness coach“So each week we create a schedule for the clients, they provide feedback, and the more responsive each client is the more we can adjust accordingly for the following week.  I also do live Skype Q&A sessions.”

The Big Question Remains:  Will you get the same awesome results as you would from 1on1 in person training? 

Josh Replied with, “  I certainly believe that my program is very safe and yes I believe it is as effective as in person.  Sometimes in life we simply need a coach, guide, or mentor to help us reach new heights in life.  That’s exactly what I do.”

“The Effectiveness can even to some degree be better.  It will depend on the personal motivation of each client to achieve their goals, but that is exactly the same with one on one personal training as well.  I feel sometime even more connected with online training because I’m always a text away,” says Joshua

In closing I will say that as someone who has had both online trainers and in person, I would say that they are both equally effective as long as you have the drive and desire to do it.