How to Reduce Belly Fat: A Complete Plan to Shrink Your Waist

Best Diet for Belly Fat Loss

Many of us are tired of being overweight and are particularly frustrated with belly fat.  One of the best methods for riding ourselves of this burden is martial arts, such as Taekwondo and karate.  Before beginning any new exercise to combat belly fat it is good to understand the science behind it.


Belly Fat

While martial arts and other exercise and diet can help rid your body of excess fat, is it important to understand the science behind the belly fat itself.   There are two types of belly fat to be aware of:

  • Visceral – This is the fat that is underneath the abdominal muscle and is the closest in proximity to your organs. Visceral fat is the one that is most easily stored, but is also, thankfully, the fastest to burn off.  The fat burns quicker due to a better blood supply and a greater sensitivity to certain hormones.
  • Subcutaneous – This fat lives above the abdominal muscles and is what can be pinched and pulled. This fat is also known as, the muffin-top, the embarrassing bulge that hangs over your pants.

In addition to know the two types of fat it is helpful to know why it is stored.  Belly fat is acquired when excess calories pair up with cortisol and insulin.  Whenever calories are cut belly fat will burn much slower because it has more to do with hormones.

Belly Fat Foods

The key to the right food balance is cutting sugar and starch and adding fiber and protein.  Some of the best meals are eggs, tuna, chicken, vegetables, apples, and almonds.  Mix these foods into your daily meals and a few bites of starch and the belly fat should start to disappear.


In addition to martial arts training there is some other weight training that can be helpful.  There is circuit training, interval training, and walking.  The key is to alternate these throughout the days of the week and not to do any consecutively except for the walking which should be done every day.  Also important to remember is adequate sleep.  Without getting enough sleep you will be harming your success in other areas.

While all of these things are helpful to know, nothing will ever change without persistence.  We all want immediate results, to wake up the next morning and look like a new person but keeping perspective is key.  While we may not drop a whole pants size in one week it is important to relish the small victories.  You’re eating better and exercising so you’re probably starting to feel better overall.  Maybe you’re sleeping better and have fewer headaches.  All of these are just as important as losing the weight.  Keep in mind that your metabolism is different from everyone else and what might be working for someone else may not work quite as well for you.  It is ok to tweak and alter your plan if needed.