The Importance of Micro Nutrients – Organifi Green Juice

In health we always hear about macro nutrients when trying to lose weight but it isn’t often that micro nutrients are spoken of.   Micro nutrients are simply important when it comes to the actual function of your body.  They help immune function and help prevent disease.  Whole foods are a key way to get micronutrients but more often then not people turn to supplements to get their daily dose that they need

There are a lot of supplements on the market and its important to look for organic products without fillers or additives and make sure to stay away from sugar as well.  You want to find a great mix of antioxidants and also anti inflammatory properties.  There is a product organifi that hit the market that does just that.  Organifi green juice superfood has a wholesome mix of whole ingredients that are made to suppress stress hormones and balance your body overall while reducing inflammation.  Sometimes we forget that stress and over produced foods cause inflammation in the body which is the main cause of sickness and disease.

Organifi actually has the ability to reduce these qualities in the body and also helps you eliminate the need to juice every single day to get these key ingredients.